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Practice Values

Up-to-Date Knowledge

"Practicing excellent general internal medicine involves making a commitment to learn medicine in the broadest possible way. I have always been an avid reader of medical literature in various media and across various medical disciplines. I see this as something that distinguishes me. At the same time, to be a great primary care physician you also must recognize your limits. I don’t hesitate to consult or refer my patients to various subspecialists when needed. Synthesizing this information along with patients in a way that promotes a holistic view, aligned with a patient’s own beliefs and values, is what leads to excellent care." --Dr. Juliet Mavromatis


Our practice recognizes that to get to know you and discuss your problems thoroughly, sufficient time is required. A shortcoming in the current U.S. medical system is the “fee-for service” payment model, which rewards doctors financially for spending less time with patients. In contrast, we have structured our practice so that you will have ample time during your appointment to elaborate your concerns and understand the information we discuss.


We see communication as key to excellent primary care delivery. This begins with listening to our patients. Making an accurate diagnosis requires understanding the full context. We will engage your opinion and values as we formulate an individualized care plan with you.


We value your time and will make it our mission to provide you with generous access to your physician as well as prompt and efficient care. We offer longer office visits, as well as same or next day availability for appointments. For questions that arise between office visits we offer cell phone and email access to your physician


Our practice uses current technology to help assure that you receive high quality and safe medical care.


We view care coordination between generalist and medical specialist, and outpatient and inpatient care teams, as key to providing excellent primary care. Our personalized care model enables us to take the time necessary to review your reports thoroughly and communicate directly with your other physicians.

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